Betting with an Online Bookmaker

The purpose of this page is to give you a very simple introduction into opening an online betting account. By the very fact that you are on this page you already have an interest in setting up an online account. The benefits of doing so are very straight forward. An online account is the easiest way of placing a bet on any sport, reality show, casino, poker, games or bingo without having to step out of your front door. So basically its all about convenience, it's totally secure as you will be placing a bet with one of the biggest bookmakers in the UK or Ireland who handle millions of customers from all over the World on a daily basis. So let's get started.

Opening an Online Account

Which Bookmaker to Select

The first thing to do is identify which bookmakers you want to have an account with as there are at least a dozen who we would be delighted to introduce you too. All of them offer a very similar service, but their product offering may sway you to one or two in particular. Many sports betting punters will have a few bookmaker accounts for the simple reason that the bookmakers odds on any one market will probably differ a small bit and so by looking at an odds comparison chart you can get the best price for your selection. We have odds charts for a number of big sports events and this will give you some idea about how to shop around for the best price.

One method of deciding which Bookmaker to join is by way of their free bet introductory offer. Some of the bookmakers listed on our site offer a free bet of up to £200 and those of you who might like to bet in large amounts then this type of Bookmaker or Bookie just might be for you.

Opening your account

Now that you have decided upon the Bookmaker and let's say it's Paddy Power what you need to do is click on any of the Paddy Power links on this site. This will take you directly to their home page where you will see a big orange square with the title Register Here which you click on and this then takes you to the registration page. There is another button called new user - register here, which is just under the log in button.

Registration is very straight forward and only takes a few minutes. There are 4 sections to the registration process with Paddy Power, Personal Details, Address Details, Account Details and Confirmation. The first two stages take 2 minutes and then you will be asked to enter your own user name and password, all very standard stuff. Once this is complete, you will receive confirmation of your account details and you are now a new member of Paddy Power.

Once this is complete you should be aware of the Free Bet offer that is available to all new account users. The current offer is once you bet £25 on your first bet you will receive a £25 free bet. There is also a further £25 available from this bookmaker, where once you place 5 more bets you can qualify for a second free bet of up to a maximum of a further £25. Each online bookmaker has different free bet offers and qualification rules which you can review on this site.

Placing Your First Bet

Now that you have set up your account and decided who you will open an account with and registered, it only now leaves you to place your bet. All bookmaker sites are very easy to navigate around and all you need to do is follow the prompts to get to the betting market that interests you. If you wanted to have a football bet, simply go to the football link and then find the market that interests you, for example, the team you want to win in 90 minutes or the correct score of the match. Once you have found the market and the price offered, then click on the price and it will open up a betting slip. You then put in the amount you wish to bet. At this point you will be prompted to lodge some funds either through your Debit or Credit Card and in the currency you want to bet in. One important point here when placing your first bet that in order to avail of the first £25 on offer your bet will need to be for a minimum of £25. Please note that your qualifying bet must be placed at odds of 1/2 or greater, this also applies for combined odds on multiples.

So you have placed your bet and all you need do now is sit back and enjoy the event you have placed your bet on. Importantly at this stage, you can redeem your free bet, when you make your next betting selection. When you have done this your free bet will appear on your betting slip.

Withdrawing Funds

Getting your money out is as simple as putting your money in. Hopefully you will have made some successful wagers and you want to put your money back in your account. To do this just go to your account section and put in the amount you wish to withdraw and this will then be sent straight back to your bank or credit card account. It usually takes a couple of working days before the funds are back in your account.