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The Belgian Grand Prix is staged at the Belgium Spa-Francorchamps circuit and is the most historic on the Formula One calendar, having hosted a (non-championship) Grand Prix as long ago as 1924 and is commonly known as the most popular circuit for the drivers on the calendar.

Belgium Grand Prix betting is considered quite difficult to predict due to the weather changes, this only adds to the opportunity of picking a big price winner.

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Belgian Grand Prix 2018 Odds

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Previous British Grand Prix Statistics

Year Winner Start Position Winning Margin Starters/Finishers Safety Car
2004 K Raikkonen (McLaren) 10th 3.1 sec 20/11 Yes
2005 K Raikkonen (McLaren) 2nd 28.3 sec 20/15 No
2006 No Race - - - -
2007 K Raikkonen (Ferrari) 1st 4.6 sec 22/17 No
2008* Felipe Massa (Ferrari) 2nd 9.3 sec 20/18 No
2009 K Raikkonen (Ferrari) 6th 0.9 sec 29/14 Yes
2010 L Hamilton (McLaren) 2nd 1.5 sec 24/20 Yes
2011 S Vettel (Red Bull) 1st 3.7 sec 24/19 Yes
2012 J Button (McLaren) 1st 13.6 sec 24/18 Yes
2013 S Vettel (Red Bull) 2nd 16.8 sec 22/19 No
2014 L Hamilton (Mercedes) 1st 3.2 sec 22/20 No
2015 L Hamilton (Mercedes) 1st 0.02 sec 20/16 No
2016 N Rosberg (Mercedes) 1st 0.14 sec 22/17 Yes
2017 L Hamilton (Mercedes) 1st 0.02 sec 20/16 Yes
2018 S Vettel (Ferrari 2nd 11.06 sec 20/15 Yes

*In 2008, Lewis Hamilton won the race but was later penalised 25 seconds and was demoted to third.