Betfred Review

Betfred were one of the last of the mainstream high street bookmakers to launch an online offering and have been playing catch-up ever since. Fortunately, since the launch in 2004 Betfred have a solid online betting console with all the features and products you'd expect to see from an online bookmaker. Owned by Fred Done, the self made millionaire who has a retail business of over 750 betting shops the online side of the business is easy to use and has a good array of markets to bet on. test2

Site Performance

The site is easy to use although navigation can be somewhat tricky and can require a somewhat steady hand to hovver over your chosen market. There aren't any speed issues although in the past the site has been slow around popular events. As with any modern online bookmaker emphasis is very much on getting the user to their bet as quickly as possible. There is also a decent in-running module. The Betfred Poker and Casino products are very good. The design of these parts of the site is very eyecatching and proves popular with customers. There is a Spanish language version of the Betfred site and although much of the online operational is based in Gibraltar there are no complaints as to customer service and user experience.

General Design

The design and layout are very clean and the graphics are very easy to read which supports the punter in having a good gaming session. It is reassuring to have Fred Done very visible on the site which goes to show the attention to detail and it seems more personable than some of the other operators. The design has changed a number of times since its launch which shows that the powers at bet at Betfred are always looking to improve the product and enhance the user experience.

Betting Opportunities

With the betting industry being so competitive it's important for bookies such as Betfred to offer as good a range of markets to bet on as other bookmakers. On the whole they manage this but there will always be a special attention when it comes to multiple betting with Betfred. Becuase Betfred was predominantly an offline betting shop business, the strategy was to offer added value via football coupons and multiple horse racing bets. The result being that these offers are also highlighted well on the Betfred site and you'll always be able to get some kind of bonus on a winning multiple bet.


In all, the Betfred site is one of the best on the net and well worth checking out. Betfred is renowned for its Bonuses and they do provide good returns should you play on multiples. Their introductory offer is also a very good one which rewards winners. Despite their high street presence the online offering can sometimes be overlooked. Click on any of the links on this page and you can get a feel of how the site works.